May 30, 2024



Main Office – 203 2nd Avenue East, McIntosh, SD 57641

Phone:  (605) 273-4210     Fax:  (605) 273-4533

Substation – 106 1st Avenue West, McLaughlin, SD 57642

Phone #:  (605) 823-4444   Fax:  (605) 823-4544

Those looking to speak to the Sheriff or a Deputy should contact the Sheriff’s Office by phone, in advance, to ensure someone is in the office.

For all routine inquires or to speak to the Sheriff or a Deputy by phone, call the main Sheriff’s Office number 24/7 to reach our dispatch center.

PO Box 136
McIntosh, SD 57641
Phone: 605-273-4210
Fax: 605- 273-4533
Email: [email protected]

Sheriff: Alan Dale

Deputy Sheriff/K9 Handler: Michael Varilek and Zigi (K9)

Deputy Sheriff: Tim McCartney

Deputy Sheriff: Blaze Eagle Horse

Deputy Sheriff: Dylan Seitz

The Corson County Sheriff’s Office is led by Sheriff Alan D. Dale and consists of Sheriff Dale, four full-time Deputy Sheriffs – Patrol Sergeant/K-9 Handler Michael W. Varilek, Timothy McCartney, Blaze Eagle Horse, and Dylan Seitz.

The Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of McLaughlin, SD, and currently maintains a jail/inmate housing contract with Meade County, SD.

The mission of the Sheriff’s Office is to be responsive to the needs of the public, to uphold the law, and to protect the constitutional laws of each member of the community by promoting a climate of safety, security, and well-being amongst all persons, regardless of race, gender or religion, within our jurisdiction.

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